Welcome to the new blog for Lesbian Beach in InWorldz.  We’ll be posting different things here:  pictures, events that are scheduled and much more.  We’ll be constantly improving the beach sim in the next week leading up to the grand opening.

The current master plan for the area is to create a multiple region GLBT Community within InWorldz.  As soon as scenic/water regions are made available we will be expanding the area to allow sailing between the present island and a planned hub area.  Think of it as spokes on a wheel around a central hub.  Commercial activity will be kept to a minimum with most activity being on the central hub.

Lesbian Beach has been set up with fun in mind.  There is a very minimal presence of commercial activity, mostly beachwear and similar items that can make your experience on the beach or any beach on the grid more enjoyable.

Grand Opening will be Saturday, May 5, 2012 so stay tuned, visit often, join the group and be informed about the activities.  Here are some images of what we have up so far:

Center Region Welcome Area and Info point.  Also a InBiz Marketplace Terminal has been installed

Main Beach Area

Marina and Coffee Shop

The Shops @ Lesbian Beach

Inside the Coffee Shop

Stop by, check it out, have fun.